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Sport Grounds

Our company has a laboratory for chemical, physical and phyto pathological analysis. This allows a detailed study of the soil and the construction materials for our jobs, besides allowing a rapid and safe diseases control. Our company owns several technology machines for planting and maintaining turf great care is dedicated to the establishment of the grass turf by studies on the type or variety, that has to be carried out with the best seed mixtures or, in the case of warm season grasses using spriggs from selected varieties of weed grass, Zoysia, Paspalum vaginatum and Stenotaphrum Secondatum, excellents for their resistance to traffic diseases and the low maintenance costs. The flagship of “Eco Green Service” is the use of a very modern hydroseeding machine or sprigger. This machine allows grass covering of the sport facilities in very fast times, which is not possible with the traditional mechanical seeding process that employs much more time, whereas seeding enables a rapid accessibility of the field. These techniques also allow savings on maintenance in the use of pesticides as well as a significant economy of water. The Eco Green Service has been following for several years this technique(sprigging) with the use of advanced machinery which allow to obtain the playability of a sport field in just 60 days. We also carry out work such as the uprooting of existing turf, ground leveling, construction of sistem drainage, irrigation and sodding with big rolls.

Special sports fields maintenance