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About Us And Our History

Eco Green Service is specialized in environmental engineering works, land reclamations, revegetation and idroseeding. After different studying and working experiences carried out in the United States, throughout the years, our company can boast to have gained knowledge, know –how and experience.Our company employs a staff of agronomists and environmental engineers specialized in different fields.

We carry out the following activities: hydroseeding and sprigging, construction soccer fields, golf courses, tennis court, rugby fields, baseball fields, horse racing fields, ski runs, architecturing of landscapes, urban and residential parks, grassing of covered parking areas, reconstruction and stabilization of slopes, stabilization of beaches, turfgrass covering and erosion control jobs at airports, recovery of mining areas, quarries, solid waste dumps, bioengineering interventions, dust treatments, transplanting of grown-up plants, technical advice and sale of hydroseeding products (Mulch, hydroseeding binds, biomats etc.).