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The hydrostolonization(sprigging) consists in spraying on the surface, of a mixture of stolons / rootstock, water, fertilizer and wood fiber, using our truck from 13000 liters, equipped with a tank, stirrer and the pumping system. It produces excellent results thanks to the addition of 100% of wood fiber mulch to keep the runners in contact with the ground, holding of humidity of the soil and protecting runners from the weather until they are established and have rooted.
Some key advantageous points:

  • no interference with the soil, soil moisture or obstacles
  • uniform plantation with higher survival of stolons
  • pipes allow to plant up to 450 meters away from the machine
  • no damage to irrigation, paths and finished works such as flower beds, green, etc.
  • not required touch-ups or in the hand; just clean and tidy
  • no additional cost of implant and faster times of playability on the surface(6-8 weeks of careful maintenance).


This technique allows sowing the soil through the distribution of a mixture, consisting of seed, water, fertilizer and wood fiber. By using fiber mulching, the area sown best keeps moisture, allowing the grass cover in a short time compared to the traditional seeding.


It is the most popular implant of warm season grasses in the world. It consists of the distribution on the surface of the ground of rhizomes and stolons, after buried with discs and roller compacted material assuring contact with the ground. Some advantages of this technique:

  • high amount of propagation material per square meter
  • fast and simple procedure of work
  • realization of the grassy carpet in just 70 days
  • more cheap than using sod lawn mature
  • sports surfaces playable only after 60 days from the start of the work